Art in Public Places in De Soto

It has long been a dream of the De Soto Arts Council to add Art in public places within the city.  Art in public places engages and improves the quality of life of the community and educates the community through the promotion of public art, particularly works which highlight the unique qualities of the city whether historical or current events, and connects people to the community.  This idea builds upon three fundamental ideas:

  • Identity: Public art will make Desoto a more memorable place, distinct from anywhere else in the region. Public art will signal that De Soto is a place where culture is appreciated and enjoyed.
  • Activate: As the city is developing public art can be a tool to make these distinctive environments that people want to inhabit.
  • Connect: Public art can help tell De Soto’s stories, engage people in meaningful ways and provide valuable, interactive experiences

DAC members have reviewed information from both the cities of Olathe and Lenexa regarding their Public Art initiatives and have incorporated some of their methodology.

The De Soto City Council unanimously agreed and approved the implementation of public art sculptures within the community. Initially two Art sculptures will be selected annually and placed at locations agreed upon by the DAC and the De Soto City Council.

The sculptures would be on loan to the city for a stipend amount of $2,000 payable to the artists for a 1 year lease with consideration for possible purchase by the city at the end of 1 year at a predetermined amount.

 Selection  and  Criteria: DAC will issue a call for Artists - submissions will be reviewed by both the DAC and City Council for final selection.

Artists must sign a loan agreement in which they agree to: 1) Permit the City to install the artwork 2) Promise that the artwork will remain on display for the duration of the exhibit, and 3) recognize that in the interest of public safety and community priority, the City has the right to remove damaged sculpture unless promptly and satisfactorily repaired by the artist.  Work will be insured by the City against property loss up to a maximum of $5,000.  The City Attorney will negotiate with the artist(s) or agent to agree on contract terms for loan of the public art display, draft and issue the contract.  


  •  Sculptures must be suitable for long-term display.

  • Sculptures should be as vandal proof as possible and safe to the public.

  • The sculpture must be considerable in scale as many sites are viewed from a distance. Suggested Minimum size is 4 ft

  • The durability and size of the piece will be a consideration for selection.

  • Sculptures must be capable of being properly secured to the ground or concrete.

  • Preference will be given to works fabricated within the past 3 years.

  • Local artists are encouraged to submit.

Call to Artists and Submittal:

Two Public Art Outdoor Sculptures will be selected and installed, one in Spring and another in the Fall.
Each artist may submit up to 3 sculptures for consideration and must include 2 images of each work.
An entry fee of $10 is required for the Spring Submittal of artwork and/or the Fall Submittal.
Submissions and fees must be submitted online at

Spring Sculpture

April 15 - Deadline for Spring submission
First week of May- Notification of winning artist
July 3 – Presentation of Spring sculpture

 Fall Sculpture

June 1 - Deadline for Fall submission
June 18th- Notification of winning artist
Sept 2 – Presentation of Fall sculpture


Open to all artists 18 years of age or older.  All entries must be original work.

 Delivery and Return of Selected Artwork

Artists are solely responsible for the delivery/return of sculptures and all associated costs.


For additional information contact  Submission button will be added soon.